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  • Tim Gallant, Feed My Lambs
  • Andrew Sandlin, Christian Culture: An Introduction
  • Wayne Hays, <cite>Daily Fight</cite>
  • Tim Gallant, Moniyaw
  • Tim Gallant, Sermons on Galatians
  • Tim Gallant, These Are Two Covenants
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Mike Bull

Interview date: August 11, 2013.

Author photo - Mike Bull

You're from what much of the world calls "Down Under." Granted that you've never been a North American, do you think Australians look at the world a whole lot differently than North Americans do?

MB: Well, apparently we are more like Canadians in temperament, if that helps. We don't wear our hearts on our sleeves.

Laconic might be the word.

Also, we don't fear our government and feel the need to defend ourselves from it. Australia is a great deal more secular, which is sad.

Obviously, while there are a number of bestselling independent authors, most do this on the side. What is your "day job"?

MB: I'm a self-employed graphic designer, which saves money on book design and typesetting! Not all of my clients provide "commercial quality" text, so I have learned to edit over the years.

Although, I still need editors for my books. Everyone needs editing.

When did you decide you wanted to start writing, and what motivated you?


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, The Grieving Parent’s Book of Hope

July 2014 / Dogwood Publishing / 132pp.

Book cover image - Sawyers-Kurz, Grieving Parents Book of Hope

A compassionate journey down the road of grief toward healing for parents who have lost a child. Leads the sufferer from lost hope to a life once again filled with meaning and purpose.

Amazon links: hardcover | paperback | Kindle.

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C. Wayne Hays, Daily Fight

August 2012 / Independent / 225 pp.

Amazon links: paperback.

Book cover image - Wayne Hays, Daily Fight

A large-format, biblically-oriented Christian book divided into 365 daily readings, and intended to be read at home? That sounds very much like a recipe for a daily devotional, and in truth, Daily Fight by C. Wayne Hays could suitably be given that label.

But in a field of introspective and occasionally sappy devotionals, Daily Fight distinguishes itself. Starting from the title and the martial imagery on the cover, this book is a robust call to full-orbed Christian living.

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author’s corner

Compare Apples to Apples

The wave of independent authors and self-publishers has opened up new questions that were not being asked in the days before desktop publishing.

One of these is whether or not the author should do his or her own typesetting. Given the fact that I make part of my living by charging other people to do their typesetting for them, it may surprise you that I say: By all means, under the right circumstances.

If you have no book budget and your message is time-bound for getting that book out right away, there are scarcely any other options.

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Publishing Buddy

— Publishing services, including typesetting, book covers, editing etc.


— Print on Demand publisher/distributor, subsidiary of Amazon.


— eBook publishing and short run book printing.


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