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  • Interview: John Barach Sr.

    August 10, 2013 by Tim

    August 10, 2013

    Author photo - John Barach Sr with wife Donna

    Indie: You were a Bible school teacher for many years. What were your favorite subjects to teach, and how did that experience contribute to your writing?

    JB: I was a Bible college professor for 15 years as well as occupying positions as Registrar and Academic Dean. As the Dean I gave the other teachers the courses they wanted and I took the left-overs. As a result I taught a variety of subjects. My favorites were Greek, Theology, and Romans. Most of my books relate to those three subjects.

    Indie: I had the privilege of being in some of your Bible school classes, and I distinctly remember a lot of (mostly dry) humor. What’s the funniest thing you can remember happening in one of your classes?

    JB: One of my students at the front row was dozing with his feet stretched out in front of him, so I motioned to the class what I was going to do. I kicked the sole of his foot and startled him awake. We all laughed. Later he and I posed that same scene for the yearbook picture.

    Indie: Given that penchant for creating laughter, what place does humor have in your writing, and is humor appropriate when writing about theological subjects? (more…)