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  • Tim Gallant, Feed My Lambs
  • Andrew Sandlin, Christian Culture: An Introduction
  • Wayne Hays, <cite>Daily Fight</cite>
  • Tim Gallant, Moniyaw
  • Tim Gallant, Sermons on Galatians
  • Tim Gallant, These Are Two Covenants
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61 Sermons on the Sermon on the Mount

Biblical Greek Lexicon

The Dinosaurs Have Returned

Early Christian Documents

History of Missions

Introduction to Theology

Koine Bible

Pilgrim's Progress in Current English

Romans: The Gospel of Justification

Twelve Sermons on Nehemiah

theology, biblical studies, biblical reference, fiction A survivor of severe spina bifida at birth, Barach acquired his M. Div. from Canadian Theological Seminary and was professor at Peace River Bible Institute for 15 years. An avid cyclist, he lives in the Vancouver area with his wife Donna.

BULL, Michael

Totus Christus

Bible Matrix

Bible Matrix II

God's Kitchen: Theology You Can Eat and Drink

Reading the Bible in 3D


biblical typology Mike Bull is a graphic designer who lives and works in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia. His passion is understanding and teaching the Bible.
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Feed My Lambs


Sermons on Galatians

These Are Two Covenants

Pauline studies, covenant, fiction Raised in western Canada by an indie Pentecostal preacher, Gallant grew into Reformed and Augustinian convictions, graduating from Mid-America Reformed Seminary in 2000. He resides in Tennessee with his wife Kristi and their nine children.

HAYS, C. Wayne

Daily Fight: One Year of Daily Bible Readings Christian living Hays is pastor of St Peter Presbyterian Church in Mendota, VA, where he lives with his wife Barbara and dotes over his grandchildren via Skype. He is a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary.
author name books in print areas of specialty bio sketch

SANDLIN, P. Andrew

Christian Culture: An Introduction

Dead Orthodoxy or Living Heresy?

Faith and obedience Sandlin is the President of the Center for Cultural Leadership, and lives in Santa Cruz, California.


The Good Shepherd

Christian living Edmond Sanganyado is an ardent blogger, addicted bookworm and apparently a writer. He lives in California with his stunning wife, smart son and a stressful load of graduate research project.


50 Ways to Cope with the Loss of Your Child

The Grieving Parent’s Book of Hope

A Personal Grief & A Reasonable Faith

Spiritual Answers for Perilous Times

Bereavement, apologetics Norma Sawyers-Kurz is a graduate of American Christian College, Oklahoma city, where she received the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. Published work by Norma includes 4 books, a contribution to an anthology, and articles in Christian magazines and journals.