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  • Tim Gallant, Feed My Lambs
  • Andrew Sandlin, Christian Culture: An Introduction
  • Wayne Hays, <cite>Daily Fight</cite>
  • Tim Gallant, Moniyaw
  • Tim Gallant, Sermons on Galatians
  • Tim Gallant, These Are Two Covenants
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Biblical Greek Lexicon


John Barach Sr Kindle When you read the Greek scriptures and encounter a new word, you need both an analytic lexicon as well as a descriptive lexicon. This Biblical Greek Lexicon combines both features in one Kindle ebook.

Early Christian Documents


John Barach Sr Kindle Shortly after the close of the Book of Acts, the Church continued to face opposition. The leaders of the church wrote important material which defended and clarified the Church's position. Like the NT, these documents were written in Greek. Thus this ebook is a good resource for the Greek student.

Koine Bible


John Barach Sr Kindle The apostles depended on the Greek Old Testament in understanding scriptural teaching and in writing the New Testament. This book contains the OT (LXX), NT, and Apocrypha in Greek as a reliable resource for Greek students.
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61 Sermons on the Sermon on the Mount


John Barach Sr Kindle The words of Jesus are so full of information that it takes many sermons to unpack their truths. This work of 61 Sermons shows the continuity of the Lord's Sermon and decries taking isolated verses out of context.

Bible Matrix: An Introduction to the DNA of the Scriptures


Michael Bull Hardcover, paperback, Kindle A summary of the main patterns of structures and symbols found throughout the Old Testament and how they shape the New, with explanatory notes.

Bible Matrix II: The Covenant Key


Michael Bull Hardcover, paperback, Kindle An introduction to the biblical Covenant structure, with examples of how it shapes the biblical texts.

Feed My Lambs: Why the Lord's Table Should Be Restored to Covenant Children


Tim Gallant Paperback, PDF For centuries, the Christian Church communed baptized children, but in the West the practice was lost during the Middle Ages. Based squarely upon biblical reasoning, this is the most comprehensive English language defense of returning to the earlier practice.

God's Kitchen: Theology You Can Eat and Drink


Michael Bull Paperback, Kindle God gave us food to teach us about life and death. Then He gave us sacrifice to teach us about death and resurrection. Essays on the meaning of food in the Bible.

Reading the Bible in 3D


Michael Bull Kindle A beginner's guide to biblical symbolism and structure. A primer for the Bible Matrix books.

Romans: The Gospel of Justification


John Barach Sr Kindle To understand Paul's Epistle to the Romans, a reader must first understand the overall basic theme which is Justification. This ebook is in easy-to-read note form and shows that everything revolves around justification -- how to get it and how to live it.

Sermons on Galatians


Tim Gallant Paperback The author's extensive work in Galatians spans over a decade. These 35 sermons were preached between 2006–2011, and provide fresh insight into this difficult letter.

These Are Two Covenants: Reconsidering Paul on the Mosaic Law


Tim Gallant Paperback, PDF Taking up all of Paul's major passages dealing with the law, this book seeks a new synthesis regarding the relationship between old covenant and new.

Twelve Sermons on Nehemiah


John Barach Sr Kindle Nehemiah was a layman who learned the value of prayer. In fact the whole book is peppered with prayer. These 12 sermons reveal not only his life of prayer and integrity, but they also urge all Christians to excel in the pattern and principles his life teaches.
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Dead Orthodoxy or Living Heresy?


P. Andrew Sandlin Paperback An antidote to liberal and evangelical apostasy in the recovery of a full-orbed, Spirit-drenched, intellectually rigorous Biblical Faith, devoted to classical Christianity (ancient catholic orthodoxy); attentive, but not slavishly committed to, the Reformation confessions; and marinated in a love for God, for the saints and for the world.

Introduction to Theology


John Barach Sr Kindle Sometimes it is difficult to find and understand the basic ideas of theology because most books couch them in long paragraphs. This Introducing Theology explains the basic views of theology in easy-to-understand note form.


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History of Missions


John Barach Jr Kindle When you want to understand the progression of the gospel from the time of the Book of Acts until the 20th Century, this History of Missions gives you the information in easy-to-read note form so that you don't have to wade through long paragraphs.


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Christian Culture: An Introduction


P. Andrew Sandlin Paperback, Kindle This introduction to Christian culture briefly examines the history of Christian culture, the underlying theology necessary to it, and the creation of a new Christian culture.


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The Dinosaurs Have Returned


John Barach Sr Kindle The novel supposes that the nephalim (giants) of the OT were intelligent dinosaurs who had left the earth in a space ship prior to the great flood. But now they are back and they want something we have been wasting.



T. A. Gallant Paperback, Kindle A hotshot young architect thinks he is going places—a remote Indian reserve in northern Alberta, as it turns out. Follow the ensuing collision of worlds as Joel faces an unwanted friendship.

Pilgrim's Progress in Current English


John Bunyan / John Barach Sr Kindle Have you never read Pilgrim's Progress before because the English was somewhat stilted? Here is a fresh new re-write with over 40 brand new poems which do justice to Bunyan's works.
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